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Motorhome Collision Repair

·       Collision and Body repair

·       Custom welding and fabrication

·       Aluminum skin repair and replacement 

·       Stress cracks

·       Fiberglass repair and replacement


Whether caused by a storm, collision, or just normal wear and tear, once damage has occurred, it is imperative to quickly get the damage repaired to seal out moisture and protect it from further damage.


·       Roof repair and replacement

·       Manufacturers recommend this service annually

·       Clean rubber roof

·       Apply UV-Blocking treatment

Roof Leak Checks

Roof Repairs

Roof Seam Seals

·       Spot repair

·       Blown out tire repair and replacement

§  While insurance will cover damage resulting from blown tires, it won’t cover the tires themselves.  Therefore, it’s important that you maintain the proper PSI on your tires and frequently inspect them for wear and tear.

·       Decal replacement